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I know i’m not an expert on boys, but I do have a brother and I know somethings. First of all, not all boys are the same. There are nice boys and then there are dickheads. The nice boys are the ones who will never cheat on you, treat you like a diamond, and of course try and make the best out of the relationships. The dickheads are the ones who will not only cheat on you, but lie about cheating and do it several times. If your wondering if your boyfriend is a nice boy or a dickhead just ask me questions. Either here or my ask.

Fake People

Why are people fake? Well, that’s the question that we all ask. Truth is everyone is fake. You can’t say that your not fake, because everyone has been fake at least once in their lives. That just makes you as fake as the person on your right and your left. I know a bunch of you guys don’t agree with me, but it took a lot of thinking and observation for me to figure this out. This is how you know your fake. If you ever laughed at a joke and you know its not funny but you laughed anyway. Now that’s being fake, whether you like it or not. 


  • Sometimes you look at a person and you go "what a pretty face! Too bad its about to get fucked up!!" Do you ever get the feeling to throw a brick at someone's forehead? There's a certain person that crawls under my skin all the time!! This "someone" disrespects me all the time. I really hate the person. Yeah, hate is a strong word, but this person strongly irritates me so the person deserves it. Uhhh life is hard

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